How Kids See Derrick

“I love Derrick because he is brave and smart.” –Logan, Age 5

"I really like this book.  I'm gonna put it on my bookshelf." –Evie, Age 5

“The book makes me feel good when the doctor helps Derrick see again.” –Addison, Age 6

“I was sad when Derrick got sick, but so happy when he got better again.” –Brady, Age 6

“Derrick was happy with his mask on to jump again.  He is a good boy.” –Kylee, Age 6

“I love it because Derrick is so sweet.” –Maddie, Age 7

“When I read this book it makes me happy because I went through vision therapy and now I’m better just like Derrick.” –Connor, Age 9

“I love this book because I go to vision therapy and I feel that Derrick is just like me.” –Chloe, Age 10

“It’s a very good book because it teaches kids not to be afraid when they get eye surgery.” –Ryan, Age 10

How do you see Derrick? We would love to know what you think: